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Evil eye : Fact or Myth?

We all must have heard from our parents and grandparents about the evil eye. But what exactly does it mean? Does evil eye affects you or it is nothing but a superstition? Let's see...

In this universe, everything is in a balanced form.If there is a man, there is a woman too. Similarly, if there is positive energy, there is negative energy too. The evil eye is nothing but the negative energy of others penetrating your aura. This is not more powerful than positive energy, but it works because it attacks vulnerable people. If you send positive energy in the same manner, it will work too. For example, we often pray for sick people and they recover quickly. Similarly, if we think of something bad about others, they will be affected too.

How do you know if you have been attacked by an evil eye? If you have...

a. Unnecessary anxiety/stress

b. Sudden financial losses

c. No gains despite extreme hard work

d. No medications being helpful

e. Disease not detected by Professionals

f. Loss of appetite without reason

g. Insomnia & nightmares

h. Babies crying a lot

There are high chances that you are being affected.

You have no control on what others think about you, but you can control your own thoughts. Increase your positive aura so much that any negative energy cannot harm you by penetrating your space. It has been a part of our history. No need to be afraid of it.

Some of the Grandmother's techniques for removing evil eye are:

1. Take some rock-salt (or any salt if not available) or white mustard seeds in your fist & revolve it for 7 times around your body in anti-clockwise direction .

2. Burn some dried red chilies after revolving 7 times around your body ( anti-clockwise)

3. Put some salt in a glass containing vinegar and put it in your room for 24 hours,after which you can throw in the flowing water.

4. Burn camphor or alum in your workplace daily for protection from evil eye.

5. Put Kohl/Kajal mark on your face daily or before stepping out for important work.

All these things are charged in one way , they will absorb the negative energy around you.

However, If you don't believe in these , you can simply follow astrological remedies :

1.Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily & Sunderkand on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

2.Chant Naag Gayatri mantra 3 times daily -

" ॐ नवकुलाय विद्यमहे विषदंताय धीमहि तन्नो सर्प: प्रचोदयात्"

3. Donate seven types of grains on 7 Wednesdays.

Evil eye creates hurdles in life but the most dangerous hurdle is our own mind. Come what may, if we don't stop working hard, eventually we will achieve what we want. Continue your prayers and make a life of your dreams. The universe reflects multiple times of what it receives. Don't think or do bad for others, it will come back to you in some form.

Pray and let others live!!!

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