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How is our food influenced by planets?

"We become what we eat", we have often heard this line but ever given a thought about it? Sometimes, we are fond of only one type of food, eg: spicy, sweet , fried food etc, it is because we are under the influence of the planet ruling it.

How is taste connected with planets?

1. Sweet - This taste is associated with Sun & Jupiter. It makes the person calm and open minded to gain more knowledge. People can eat wheat & Jaggery on Sunday , any yellow sweet dish on thursday . However, salt should be avoided on thursday if you want to study & grasp things.

2. Spicy- This taste develops due to Mars, Rahu & Ketu. People who are courageous & brave adapt to this taste. However, if you are trying to avoid conflicts in life, immediately switch to less spicy food.

3. Bitter - This food is often considered nutritious & full of vitamins, so directly associated with Sun. Like bitter gourd, aloevera etc. People with weak sun , eat junk food, which is bitter in a negative way(processed).

4. Sour - This taste is linked with Venus . Such people have the temptation to eat sour food at anytime. they will receive the life of luxury & prosperity but at the same time, too much sour food can affect your marital life.

5. Salty - This taste is associated with Moon. They act childish & are beautiful. However, if you are under stress or anxiety, avoid salty food.

6. Peppery - This taste is associated with Mercury. These people are clever & talkative. However, they spend too much. So, eat peppers in limit if you want to save money.

7. Oily - This taste is linked with Saturn . These people are hard working & dedicated. It creates excess acid in the body. However, if you want strong nervous system, then avoid this food.

Each food has its own pros & cons. Therefore, include everything in your diet and live a healthy life.

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