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Intuition, gut feeling or instinct

Some of you might know about the three brains -1. head(the logical one), 2. heart(the emotional one) and 3. the gut(the one which senses). Head and heart are important to function in a sane manner but what is the role of the third brain in our lives? We all have heard about intuition and some perhaps may have experienced it too. But what exactly is intuition and how can we use it?

So intuition is something which can't be explained with facts. Sometimes we just know what is happening without giving a proper thought. We commonly use "feeling that vibe" but its actually knowing. "We know something is not right, when it isn't". I believe its a powerful tool to be used when we ready. That's why not everybody considers intuition to make a decision. It needs clarity and calm mind to be able to hear one's own thoughts/energy.

So the question arises as how can we listen to our intuition, is it a thought that comes randomly or a vibration that tells us what to do? Absolutely not.

The first thing required is to be able to feel anything and everything. We got so busy in our "modern" living that we have forgotten to feel the slightest changes happening around. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check your phone or turn off your alarm probably and then start with your routine for work or whatever tasks to be done in the day. What I do after waking up - I sit for a couple of minutes , take a deep breath, feel the energy in the room, touch the floor before stepping down and say "Hello" to my surroundings before starting the day. You may think why greet the non living things, what's the need for that? I stay in the same room for the whole day, do my work and sleep. The things kept here vibrate in my energy space. They have become a part of me somehow. I won't be able to concentrate if my things are scattered or not in good condition in front of my eyes . So feeling everything is important, not just with your sensory organs but energy wise too.Pay attention to your surroundings and take note of everything.

The second thing which is needed is open mind. You have to let things go in order to get new things. Don't get stuck in your head. Get everything out and make space for fresh ideas and instincts.

When we think of something again and again, our mind gets used to that type of behavior. We forget everything else and focus all energy on one thing. I believe it tricks our mind to stay in comfort zone. Be ready to try new things, new places and new people. It helps us overcome the blockage and we get to taste the diversity.

The third thing which is required is honesty. Sometimes we know what is right but still we tend to lie because that's what needed at that exact moment. We have to be brutally honest with ourselves, that's when intuition works. For instance, if you know someone is not right for you, but you ignore the signs to eventually hurt yourself later.

We all know how we want to live our life. But when we don't listen to our intuition, we often end up with stress and anxiety because we take opinions from others instead of self. If you don't know what to do in life right now, it means you are not listening to yourself. It is a very simple thing to say but it matters the most. It is really important to understand yourself first, before making any decision in life because a tip given by someone can't take you to heights or can't make you a billionaire. We all are responsible for our lives. Trust your instincts, take risks and before taking opinions of others, know what you want and how you want it.

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