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Make a wish !!!

We all have wishes and desires & no wish is too small. But, all of them don't get fulfilled. Why?

Let's find out...

When we talk about a wish, it may seem childish to most of the people, but the real concept of wish is just to communicate your intentions to the universe. For example, if you want a car , what's the harm in creating a thought about planning its details like color, brand, place etc. Whenever we think, we give energy to our thoughts, and they remain in our surroundings forever as energy is neither created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred from one thought to other. This energy stays with us wherever we go. That's why, some people emit light due to their positive thoughts and some seem dull due to their negative thoughts. When two people come in contact with each other, one's positive energy is transferred to the other person. Imagine it this way - As the current flows from positive to negative terminal, similarly there is a transfer of energy. It doesn't mean, negative energy is also transferred but it gets absorbed because a void is created on the positive side.

If the energy is that strong, just think what it could do if we put it into our goals completely.

There are different ideas for putting all your energy into work. For example, writing a journal or meditation. Let's talk about another method - The Wishing Jar.

Steps to get what you want :

  1. Take a jar/ box and decorate it in your own way so you feel connected to it.

  2. Write about all the things you are grateful for- on a piece of paper, you can either paste it on the jar or put inside it.

  3. Analyse your wishes & write them one by one on small chits ( Wishes should be such that you truly want them to be fulfilled.)

  4. Put all these wishes inside the jar and pray to the universe to fulfill them.

  5. The most important step is your non-attachment in this case. Don't get attached to the wishes. You have written the wishes according to your capabilities, what if the universe wants to give you something bigger. So, pray in this way that "fulfill this wish if its in my favor".

  6. On a full moon, every month, open this jar and read all your wishes and pray for their fulfillment. It will store your wishes in your sub-conscious mind ,as moon is the planet ruling it.

Once these wishes are permanently stored in the energy form with you, you will notice the change and work towards it. Leave everything else on the universe. It knows better than you.

I have personally done this and the results are amazing.

All the best!!!!

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