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Skin and Astrology

In today's world, personality plays an important role. Skin, which is also an important organ of our body, helps in enhancing the appearance of a person. Your first impression is not the last ,but it is important to develop the persona.

There are a lot of treatments available in the market, but money is not sufficient to get the good skin . I have personally experienced it. Here, i am not talking about hormonal changes, but the skin diseases which are curable, but don't usually get treated easily. Various planets contribute to the skin type and problems associated with it.

There are different types of skin :

  1. Glowing skin - When venus is exalted in a birth chart, that person has bright skin. He/She likes to give advice to others, take decisions after looking at every aspect, likes to take charge in own hands.

  2. Oily skin - When saturn and moon are weak, the person has oily hands and feet. They are hard working but don't get results smoothly. . They should avoid oily and spicy food.

  3. Normal skin - When moon, mercury, jupiter and venus -all sit in good positions in a birth chart, the person is gifted with normal skin. He/ She leads a normal life on own terms and conditions.

  4. Dry skin - When mercury, saturn, rahu, moon, mars, ketu are positioned in malefic houses, the person has dry skin. He/She would be intelligent and dedicated towards work , would have good looking spouse and a fortunate child.

  5. Sensitive skin - If skin changes color in sun , then it is a combination of venus and moon in kendra houses. He/She is emotional, helpful, responsible and happy.

Despite glowing skin, a person can have skin problems like blackheads, pimples or patches.

1. Blackheads - This is a problem associated with sun.Also, if your face color is darker than the body. Your sun is debilitated or sitting in malefic houses 6,8 and 12. This person will have no individuality, which means he/she will get influenced easily by others.

Remedy - Wake up before sunrise and offer water to Sun everyday, reciting Gayatri mantra.

2. Uneven skin tone or itching - Rahu, ketu and mercury rule this disease. If a man is suffering from this, he will be addicted to intoxicants and if the woman is suffering, she will be miser.

Remedy - wear silver in right thumb and pray to Goddess laxmi, drink water as much as you can.

3. Pimples - If 6th house has malefic planets, the person is supposed to have pimples and face diseases. Also, due to weak jupiter, diseases originate from liver, intestine and acidity.

Remedy - Drink water from copper vessel, avoid salt on thursday and offer water to sun reciting gayatri mantra.

4. Patches under the eyes or on cheeks - Darkening of areas on the face , under the eyes or chin are related to hormonal issues which are ruled by venus.

Remedy- Wear silver in thumb, do anulom-vilom 40 times, keep hygiene , put 4 spoons of rose water in bathing water and worship lord Shiv.

5. Very small red/pink acne - Due to ill effects of mars in birth chart, a person has acne all over the body sometimes, which are painful.

Remedy- Soak yourself in sunlight for few minutes, drink water from copper vessel , worship lord Hanuman or recite Hanuman Chalisa daily, massage your body with coconut oil with or without camphor in it(not on face).

Believe in god and pray for your diseases. Don't just rely on medicines from outside. Make efforts yourself. All the best !!!

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