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What to expect in 2021?

2020 has been a rough year and people are looking up to 2021 in a hope that this would change their lives miraculously. Well, the expected change will not happen overnight, we may have to work in that direction. 2020 has taught us to be more sensitive towards the nature as well as society. We have learnt the significance of humanity from the frontline workers' contribution in this pandemic. So what exactly will next year bring into our lives for more lessons...?

2021 will be a year of mercury, (2+0+2+1=5),  there will be a desire for change. Mercury represents thinking patterns, rationality, intelligence, communication and adaptability. The upcoming year will help you gain confidence and enhance your decision making ability, thus improving your position in society. For more concentration, keep a silver ring with you.

Now, let's see the guidance from Tarot cards regarding 2021...

The new moon card of the moonology oracle deck indicates that the universe will bless you with a new start with lots of possibilities. All you have to do is to learn how to manifest your dreams ,so set your intentions and work hard for it.

Now from the sacred indian tarot deck - The chariot represents moving forward in a positive direction irrespective of conflicts in one's mind. The message from Shri Krishna to Arjun is a guidance to not stop even if there are hurdles in the way. So, 2021 will help you focus on your goals with determination and willpower.

The lovers card represents harmony in the relationships. It could be a connection with the divine or with the pure soul, which will help in healing. This card also symbolizes partnership in business. Also, a lot of people can find their soulmate or can get married next year. But choose wisely because it is a card of commitment, you may have to sacrifice everything else for the love.

From Rider-Waite tarot deck, we have Page of wands means good news on its way. The universe will guide you to make new plans or think big. It also denotes new opportunites in terms of career as you will feel confident, alive and fearless. So, be prepared for the excitement ahead.

Ace of swords brings mental clarity and the ability to concentrate, just like mercury. The clouds of doubt will disappear soon, be it in love or career. Just be honest and speak up for yourself if you haven't lately.

Page of cups represents emotional maturity. There can be social events like engagements, romantic proposals or even pregnancies next year. If you have a crush on somebody, 2021 will be the best year to tell him/her. Pay attention to your dreams as you may get some messages from the universe.

From wild unknown tarot deck, we have Six of cups indicates childhood memories and homesickness. Almost everybody worked from home in 2020, so next year you may travel and stay away from home. But the support of the family will always remain. Also, it shows that you may encounter a past lover or friends from your past.

Three of wands indicates freedom, travel, success and expansion. So, for a lot of people, 2021 will bring overseas travel and business expansion. It also shows recovery from illness. You will explore and experience life in a new way.

Three of pentacles represents learning and growing. The efforts put in 2020 will give results in 2021. You need to build a strong foundation first.So keep working hard to achieve your goals and your efforts won't go unnoticed next year.

Overall, 2021 will bring hope and possibilities in our lives. It will be full of activities and events because of mercury. Take charge of your life and start building it in a way you would like to because you will get the strength and determination from the universe next year. Make the most out of it.

All the best!!!!

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